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This short film displays the longing for inner peace. It shows that nature can be a way of escaping from everyday life to reflect and reset.

This film is the 2nd part of my series „Visual Portraits“ and was short entirely during my recent two trips to Norway


Have you ever imagined the earth to shake? Have you ever heard how the earth sounds? Have you ever seen the earth in it’s raw power? Have you ever felt insignificant? After Mt Bromo erupted in front of my eyes I can answer with „yes“ to all of these questions. This video shows the most powerful thing I’ve ever seen. The earth was shaking, the sky turned black. I was alone. Mt Bromo erupted without warning and I was right there – at the crater.


No caption needed.


I spontaneously I decided to spend 2 weeks in the alps after missing the mountains too much. I am convinced now – my home country is pretty beautiful. That’s my visual recap. 

The Veins Of the Earth

A dream came true for me to finally be able to show another perspective of this magnificent place. This short clip was entirely shot just outside of Mt. Cook NP, New Zealand. The Tasman River gains it’s water by the biggest glacier in New Zealand. It’s incredible formations are usually hidden for the common tourist. Just from birds-eye perspective you can really see it’s scale.

Last autumn…

This is my story behind a two weeks trip to San Francisco with EF Germany.