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Hi, my name is Felix.

I am a freelance photographer and filmmaker from Cologne, Germany.
At a very young age I realized that this planet is way too interesting to stay in just one place and not experience it. Since I turned 19, my passion for the outdoors and my work as a story-teller take me across the world. Simplicity, adaptivity and authenticity are the main elements I want to experience the places that I travel to with. In 2018 I spent 12 months roaming through New Zealand living in a van, working full-time as a content creator. The biggest compliment people could give me was to ask if I was a local. I love capturing unembellished life along the journey and giving people new inspiration on how to live theirs. My goal is to create content that makes people enjoy the small things while also pushing them forward beyond their comfort zones. I excel in creating unique and marketable content for clients in addition to achieving a versatile and modern style.

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