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Hi, my name is Felix.

I am a freelance photographer and filmmaker from Cologne, Germany.
At a very young age I realized that this planet is way too interesting to stay in just one place. Since 2015, my passion for the outdoors and my work as a story-teller take me across the world. I have been working in the outdoor industry producing commercials and destination content for tourism brands like „Visit Norway“.

I love capturing unembellished life along the journey and giving people new inspiration on how to live theirs. Simplicity and authenticity are the main elements I want to document the places that I travel to with.

Being based out of British Columbia, Canada, I recently gravitated towards creating documentary content with athletes. 

My goal is to create content that makes people wonder and look beyond what is familiar. I excel in creating unique and marketable content for clients in addition to achieving a versatile and modern style.

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